Since 2003, I have founded many projects. The kitchen, for those who worship it like myself, has infinite possibilities. I explored food rigorously while keeping in mind five different cooking concepts based on research, technique and raw materials and envisioned an honest and open dialogue with the public. Every day I dedicate my entire self to each of these concepts.

I started with the first restaurant, the starred L’Erba del Re, and from there I created Catering L’Erba del Re, Amaltea Cooking School and Trattoria Pomposa al Re Gras.
My ventures do not stop there; the youngest brand, dedicated to preserves, is Bottega DA RE, which is composed of authentic dishes in individual jars, ready to reach every home and shop.

I let my creative personality shine, while paying homage to the Emilian traditions by sharing techniques, recipes and stories.
My passion will continue to grow through my various adventures as a chef and an entrepreneur.

L'Erba del Re | Restaurant

L'Erba del Re


The experience at L’Erba del Re Restaurant is intimate and refined.
The tasting, the service and the relaxing atmosphere of the lounge are designed to offer a pleasant feeling of satisfaction to the guest.
The dishes are direct, have a clean aesthetic taste and their story is composed of a balanced contrast of flavours, aromas and textures.

L'Erba del Re | Catering - Events

L'Erba del Re

Catering - Events

Marchini’s cuisine is reassuring and steadfast, without sacrificing continuous artistic and sensorial development. These concepts are also recreated in private events with L’Erba del Re Catering, to which it is possible to have a fine dining experience adapted to any location, business or private appointment.

Trattoria Pomposa | al Re gras

Trattoria Pomposa

al Re gras

Trattoria Pomposa al Re Gras is a tribute to Emilian traditions and to Modena. Excellent raw materials, great craftsmanship and deep respect for the best gastronomic culture of the area are the essential ingredients that can be savoured in every recipe.
Even the restaurant does not leave details to chance; the whole environment has the simple and welcoming style of a typical restaurant of the 60s.
Al Re Gras Marchini helps create memories to be enjoyed with the best company.

Amaltea | Cooking School


Cooking School

We offer the experience of cooking together around a single worktop and seeing the recipes come to life.
In Amalthea the courses are relaxing and fun, where every enthusiast learns the secrets of cooking in various thematic classes under the guidance of chef Marchini.

Shop DA RE

DA RE is the artisan products shop created by chef Luca Marchini.
Sweet and savoury preserves, large baked goods and pastries are the products that you can find in this space.

Most importantly:

  • They are all complete recipes, ready to enjoy and easily paired with other dishes
  • They derive from the experience of all the food concepts created over time by chef Marchini, who guarantees their high quality with his seal of assurance.
  • All products are natural and contain no artificial preservatives and are all produced and packaged in the artisan workshop of chef Marchini.

A few clicks will lead you to our online shop and shortly after our artisanal products will be on your doorstep.

L’apparita Di Marchini Luca & C. Sas – P.IVA 02802640363 

L’Apparita di Marchini Luca & C. S.a.s
P.IVA 02802640363