The feeling of passion gives life to one’s self, and defines your personal existence.
A drive for what? Or for whom?
Certainly in both cases it is love and passion that we are talking about. An emotional transport that makes everyday rich.
You and your drive possess a symbiotic and self-healing relationship. We may lose it, often replacing it with another, but sometimes this emotional imprint grows with you.

This is what happened to me. My drive is called the “Kitchen“.
I felt it creep into my teenage days. I ignored it, it was just a practical matter.
The passion kept growing inside me. I ignored it; it was just a fun pastime.
It became more insistent when I was a young man. I ignored it once again, it was just a way to pay for my studies and a hobby.
Then I could no longer ignore it. My drive wanted to become my path. At the age of almost 30, I dedicated a restaurant to it, the result of years of education, discoveries, sacrifices and passion.

My name is Luca Marchini, I am a chef and my job is to maintain and nurture the drive that one day chose me. I believe in cooking, culture and my choices. I understood that food is a gift, cooking is the art that shapes it, and each of us is the creative expression that enhances it.

We are welcomed with an art capable of speaking to those who recognise food as a pleasure, as well as a primary source of sustenance and physical well-being. It is an open and easily approachable art, as long as your are aware of all its entities.

Cooking is a journey to discover an artistic expression that becomes desire; of a language that becomes sharing; of a precious culture that starts with the individual and migrates to everyone.

L’apparita Di Marchini Luca & C. Sas – P.IVA 02802640363 

L’Apparita di Marchini Luca & C. S.a.s
P.IVA 02802640363