My passion wanted to become
my path it wanted to shine.
At almost 30 years of age,
I dedicated a restaurant to it
as the result of years of education,
discoveries, sacrifices and drive.

The Group

A single body divided into 5 different branches, each dedicated to signature cuisine.
From gourmet to traditional cuisine, catering to cooking school, up to the new food e-commerce website.
Since 2003 I’ve explored food in different ways, creating spaces with meticulous management.
Each food concept, from the most artistic to the simplest, is strictly managed in an artisanal way.

L’apparita Di Marchini Luca & C. Sas – P.IVA 02802640363 

L’Apparita di Marchini Luca & C. S.a.s
P.IVA 02802640363