The Role Outside of the Restaurant

Being a Chef involves pride, but also other character traits. Outside of the kitchen there is a whole world of important initiatives that can create networks and offer essential services.
It is incredible how much the kitchen and the figure of the chef can offer even outside the walls of a restaurant. The role they have in the media today is powerful and can be put at the forefront of initiatives. Food, and everything that revolves around it is a tool capable of giving real support and a voice to cultural or social projects.

It is with this spirit of giving that chef Marchini showcases his professionalism, even outside the restaurant, in a network of projects aimed at development.

The associations

The associations are an opportunity to create a solid network and promote the culture of Haute Cuisine in Italy and abroad. Each association has its own distinctiveness and projects in which Marchini wholeheartedly supports.
Former president of JRE Italy, member of prestigious associations such as Le Soste, Ambasciatori del Gusto, Chef to Chef, Euro-Toques Italia and Modena a Tavola, there are many active roles he has held, and still holds, in support of Italian gastronomic culture.


External personal activities

Experiences outside of the workplace enable us to grow and improve, professionally and as a person.

Several consultations were held for the launch of new establishments. One of the most popular endeavours is the Pavarotti Milano Restaurant Museum for which Marchini was also executive chef. Recently, a special invitation was received directly from the Pavarotti family to take an active part in the creation of the book “Alla Luciano” dedicated to the cuisine so loved by the Maestro Pavarotti himself. Chef Marchini created the book with reinterpretations and traditional recipes from the gastronomic literature written by Pavarotti.
The Stream Cooking project, curated nationwide with various initiatives, saw Marchini engaged in highly interactive, live cooking sessions.

Also, a speaker at IULM University of Milan and 24 hours business school.

Social activities such as Chef in Ospedale (“Chef in Hospital” at the Carlo Pome in Mantova) e Chef a Scuola (“Chef at School” at the la Scuola La Carovana in Modena) were both great achievements.

Recently Marchini accepted the task of reinventing the menu of the school cafeteria in Castelfranco Emilia to offer delicious and healthy meals to the students (an initiative promoted by Camst Group and the Municipality of Castelfranco Emilia).

Most importantly, Marchini is involved in projects that address and relieve food shortages. Azienda USL di Modena has chosen Marchini to spearhead a new initiative that assists youth facing food problems whereby they enter the kitchen and attend workshops dedicated to food, interacting with it and exploring different tastes.

“I believe that through cooking and your own feelings you can do more than just cook, always keeping in mind there is constant room for improvement.” Luca Marchini

I believe that through cooking and your own
feelings you can do more than just cook,
always keeping in mind there is constant room for improvement.

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